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Ten Features Makes Quran University Unique

8 - Unique & innovative tools to teach Quran

Quran LMS & it’s mobile Apps are supported with a set of unique innovative tools that are invented by Quran University where nobody had preceded us for using it for teaching Quran before, these tools had been invented with modern learning concepts in mind, where it aims at empowering visual & auditory memories & maximizing interactive learning.
These tools would consolidate the learning process through active utilization of different senses.

Utilizing Vision to Empower Learning
  • As Quran LMS Software & Apps use Othmani Script for Quran pages it imprints the exact copy of the printed version of the Quran in student’s mind.
  • Similarly, visual memory utilization is maximized by
    • The ability to color the range of verses being studied with the color Gray.
    • The ability to color the verse in focus (i.e. the verse actively being recited/memorize) with the color Green.
    • The ability to use colors of Tajweed Mushaf to define Tajweed rules.
Utilizing Hearing to Empower Learning
  • Hearing audio recordings for famous Reciters.
  • Listen & Repeat Tool
Utilizing Speech to Empower Learning
  • Record & Compare Too.
  • Listen & Repeat Tool.

Quran Learning Tools are categorized under 4 headings:

  • Recitation & Memorization Tools
    • Listen & Repeat Tools.
    • Hide & Show Tool.
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  • Tajweed Tools
    • Record & Compare Tool
    • Linking Colors to Tajweed Tool
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  • Understanding Tools
    • Quranic Library Tool
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  • Assignment Tools
    • Asynchronous Communication Tool
    • Synchronous Communication Tool
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