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Ten Features Makes Quran University Unique

9 - Best Design for Function (for studying Quran)

Designing Desktop Quran LMS

Quran LMS design guarantees best fit for function.Carry your mobile in your pocket, & study with us wherever you are using the best design for teaching Quran on the move.

Designing Desktop Quran LMS
A unique design of 3 zones a central showing the two confronting pages of the Quran simultaneously as in the printed Quran. Surrounded by two zones containing study tools on one side, & Quranic library tools on the other side.

The Desktop Application has three zones

  • The Quran Zone

The central Zone which has the Quran pages, in which we use Quran images rather than text in order to maintain the look & feel of the printed version of Quran, with the purpose of empowering the visual memory of the student so that the images would imprint in his/her memory as it is in (Medina-Othmani script).
We have invented a way for selecting Quran Verses using image-based selection rather than text-based selection, allowing for student to highlight several verses together to define it as the scope of his/her study by simply dragging the mouse on desktop screen.

  • The Study Zone

This zone is equipped with study tools that helps you study Quran, it has

  • Recitation & Memorization Tools: Listen & Repeat Tools Hide & Show Tool & Tajweed Tools; Record & Compare Tool.
  • Assignment Tools: Receiving assignments from teacher, responding to assignments, receiving corrections & remarks
  • Communication Tools Both Synchronous & Asynchronous

  • The Quranic Library Zone

  • windows of this zone, helps you understand what you are studying, it has what we called Understanding Tool, or the Quranic Library Tool. Windows Which contains Tafseer, meaning of the words, Translation to more than 60 languages, Causes of Revelation, etc…
  • Another unique feature is the ability to link each verse within a highlighted scope of study verses, with related content of books of the associated Qur’anic Sciences Library, which had produced a wonderful Quranic University at the tips of your fingers.