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Ten Features Makes Quran University Unique

10 - Flexible payment plan

And the adoption of cost over the teacher's occupancy

  • Quran University offers flexible fees options that could be scaled to suit different student capabilities.
  • Quran University adopts a unique approach to calculate teacher-supervised study fees based upon how much time the student consumes from teacher’s schedule.
  • Synchronous Communication can help students reduce cost of study. Accordingly, teacher-supervised learning cost could be minimized by depending more on Asynchronous Communication & less on Synchronous Communication.

Pay options can be scaled to suit your capability
  • Free of charge
  • self-study is always free

    If student is financially not capable to cover the cost of teacher-supervised learning, then student could benefit from the offer of Quran University of providing the Quran LMS Desktop application & Mobile Apps free of charge, thus allowing self-study tools to be used at no cost.

    Students can learn Tajweed by listening to 35 Tajweed lessons all offered free of charge, then start practicing utilizing Record & Compare Tool in order to attempt to mimic the perfect recitation of the Professional Reciter.

    The student can also utilize Listen & Repeat Tool, and Hide & Show Tool to help him/her to memorize Quran on his/her own.

    Simultaneously, the student would benefit from the associated Quranic Library Tools to help him/her understand the verses being recited or memorized.

    Occasionally, students could benefit from freely offered teacher-supervised learning. Al Fatiha Tilawa correction courses are always offered for free, in addition to other courses that some teachers would post for free.

  • Minimum pay
  • teacher-supervised study utilizing Asynchronous Communication

    But if you have the capability to shoulder the cost of teacher-supervised learning, yet you want to keep it to the minimal, then Asynchronous Communication Tool is there for you. You will benefit from a teacher supervising your assignments, correcting your mistake at the lowest possible cost.

  • Premium pay
  • Adding Synchronous Communication to Teacher-supervised study

    But if you are fortunate enough to be capable to afford the cost of online-video-conferences with your Teacher, then you can benefit from the Synchronous Communication Tool provided within Quran LMS Desktop & Mobile Apps.

    But even with that, we have created a special calculator that measure the time you spend with your teacher & automatically calculate the cost giving you & your teacher the freedom to define the time you need to meet online based both on your need & capability.

    You can always minimize the cost of online Synchronous Communication by having the right level of mix with Synchronous Assignment Communication Tool.

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