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Ten Features Makes Quran University Unique

8 - Unique & innovative tools to teach Quran

Understanding Tools & the Associated Quranic Library

Objectives of these tool; helping students understand the verses of Quran that they are studying

Quran LMS & it’s Mobile version automatically link the verse in focus of the study with the context of the books of a Quranic Library embedded within the software. This aims to help the student understand what he/she recites/memorize through Tafseer, several languages translations (more than 60), meaning of the words, causes of revelation, etc…

Activation of understanding to consolidate conservation and development of the process:

Understanding Tools (Quranic Library)

  • By voice
  • With meaning
  • With Tafseer
  • With Asbab Nozoul
  • Translation into other languages
  • The aspects of miracles in the Holy Quran
  • Similarities
  • With The provisions of jurisprudence
  • In my blog