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Ten Features Makes Quran University Unique

4 - You don’t need continuous internet connectivity all the time

Our especially designed Desktop program & Mobile Apps allows the student to study both online & offline.
You can study Quran without the need for continuous Internet connectivity, but you would need temporary internet connectivity while receiving assignments and uploading its responses.

Studying Offline

You can eliminate the need for Internet connectivity if you favor self-study, yet this would require the student to download materials needed for self-studying:

  • Quran pages script
  • One audio recitation at least
  • Quranic library books (as per user preference)

Student can also minimize internet connectivity, even if he/she are studying under teacher’s supervision, by maximizing dependence on self-study upon working on assignment sent by teacher.

The need for Internet Connectivity

Student would require internet for the following situations:

  • At the start, for downloading Quran pages & audio files.
  • Upon searching for a teacher, & upon application to join a course.
  • Temporary Online access is needed for Asynchronous Communication for only a short while with each assignment, upon uploading response to assignment, & upon receiving teacher’s correction for assignment.
  • Synchronous Communication (video-conferencing) between teacher & student would naturally require being online for the time of the online meeting.