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Ten Features Makes Quran University Unique

8 - Unique & innovative tools to teach Quran

Recitation & Memorization Tools

  • Defining Range & Operation Tool
  • Listen & Repeat Tools
  • Hide & Show Tool
  • Search Tool
  • Bookmarking & Reference Tool

Objectives of these tools

Defining Range & Operation Tool; In order to concentrate on a specific range of verses for studying, our tools would allow the student to define a range of Quran verses by highlighting it with the color Gray. The associated play tools would allow to move between highlighted verses. Play button would run the audio file of one verse at a time, illuminating the verse in focus with the color Green in order to differentiate it from other verses within the range. .

In Listen & Repeat tool the student would concentrate on listening to a famous Reciter audio, then student would attempt to imitate the same verse either at the same time parallel to the Reciter, or during a given break between verses.

Hide & Show tool would hide some verses, stimulating the student to remember it.