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How to Study/How it Works?

What do we need to Start Studying with Quran University Programs?

What do we need to Start Studying?

A Desktop or Mobile Device
Internet Connectivity

  • You would need either a Desktop or Mobile Device.
  • You would also need a temporary & very limited internet connectivity to allow you to download our Software
  • You can use either Quran LMS Desktop version or Quran University Mobile App, or both interchangeably, to study Quran alone & independent of any teacher (Self-Study).
  • You can also use these apps to connect you with the Teacher that would supervise your learning process (Teacher-supervised Study).
  • Upon downloading Quran University App for the first time from the store, it would only contain few pages of the Quran (1st two pages containing Al-Fatiha & start page of Baqarah, & the last page of Quran with its short three Surahs), accompanied by the audio files for these pages only for one Reciter.
  • You need to download materials relevant to what you need to study:
    • Pages of Quran (Othmani Script)
    • The audio files for a minimum of one Reciter
    • The Library books (according to preference)
  • Please go to Control Panel button at the upper left corner, & move to help menu where you find a lot of videos describing how to download necessary material & how to use the application tools.
  • You would have opportunity to record your Fatiha recitation & send it to one of our Quran teachers who would correct any mistakes you might have & send you written & verbal comments for free. You can continue fixing your mistakes & sending your correction recording for unlimited number of times until your recitation is perfected.
  • If you like to be supervised by an accredited Quran Teacher, then search for a Teacher/search for a course through our matching program, find a suitable Teacher & join his/her course.