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Ten Features Makes Quran University Unique

6 - Quran University encourage self-study

All Quran University programs & applications encourage you to depend on yourself utilizing our unique & innovative set of tools that empowers Self-Study.
It also encourages you to supplement your self-study with Teacher-Supervised study, where a certified experienced teacher would track your assignments, correct your mistake & follow up your progress.


Quran LMS & Quran University mobile Apps allows you as a student to depend solely on yourself (self-study) independent of teacher’s supervision if you prefer so.

All the features of Quran University programs, & its tools that would help you to improve your Tajweed, & memorize Quran are offered to you free of charge. As long as you are using it for self-study.

Yet, some charge would only be associated with Teacher-Supervised study in order to compensate teachers for the time they spend with you, correcting your mistakes, & meeting you online.