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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Quran University is a complete Learning management system designed for learning Quran: although the primary target is to Memorize Quran and Recite it properly (Recitation only without memorization is also possible), yet it works on making recitation and memorization possible by assuring that you understand well the verses you read / memorize…it utilizes several innovative tools that would help you to do so either through self-study or through matching you with a private Quran teacher that suits your learning needs.

Follow the following steps to search and join a suitable course.

New Users
  • Click Explore & Join courses link
  • "Register for course" page will appear
  • Select appropriate search criteria to find suitable courses
  • Select the suitable course from list and click on “Explore More & join” link to join
Registered Users
  • Find Sign In a section in the upper menu
  • Enter your username & password
  • Your personal dashboard would open
  • Go to search & join a new Halqa (course) section & click on it
  • Select the suitable course based on search criteria such as study purpose, course content, speed of study, your level, language, & time zone.
  • Click the desired criteria, and search the course by selecting one its attribute choices.
  • The system would automatically match your required entry to available courses to shortlist for you the most appropriate courses that have the best match.
  • Once you find a suitable course, click on apply to forward your request to join that course, now you have to await the official confirmation of your acceptance. You will be informed whether you are accepted or not through the dashboard under the header "Accepted".
  • Now, once you go back to your desktop application or mobile applet, you will find upon entering your username & password that your assignment mode is now functioning; through this assignment mode, you will receive your assignment from your Quran teacher so you will be able to start study under teacher's supervision & interact with him.

Whether you dream of memorizing the whole Quran, or part of it (Hifz), or simply want only to learn how to recite Quran properly (Tilawwah & Tajweed), “Quran University” can help you to learn the Holy Quran at your own home, at your own pace, or through structured courses under teacher one-to-one supervision….

3 targets of learning:

  • Recitation only (Tilawa & Tajweed).
  • Memorization with Recitation (also include Tilawa & Tajweed).
  • Revision (of previously memorized Quran).

2 methods of learning

  • Self-Learning.
  • Teacher-Supervised-Learning.

The main purpose of “Quran University” is to help you memorize parts of the holy Quran or even the whole Quran on your own (Self-learning), or under direct supervision of a teacher dedicated to you: (Teacher-supervised-Learning).

Definitely yes. “Quran University” can help you to learn proper Recitation. You would learn to improve your pronunciation of the words and the verses of Quran, and gradually build up your skills to master the rules of proper pronunciation (Tajweed), it even enhances your skills to imitate the style of your preferred reciter (Tilawa).

You can choose to either learn on your own (self-learning), or under the supervision of a teacher (teacher-supervised-learning), but the latter choice is highly recommended.

  • If you choose (Self-learning) without a teacher supervision just use the recitation tools of the application and ignore the memorization tools.
  • If you choose (Teacher-supervised-Learning) you can search for & join Recitation only courses that focus only on your pronunciation (Tajweed & Tilawa).

People of any age, living anywhere in the world can use Quran University at any time of the day that suits them: (any age, anywhere, & any time,). Even if you choose the teacher-supervised learning: you would still be able to learn at any time of your day, and you do not need to limit yourself to a specific appointment time to get in touch with your teacher… this is an innovative feature that we have invented that makes us unique and that would melt down the time zones differences. So no matter how busy your schedule is: you would always find the time to learn Quran.

  • Quran University is a complete solution that helps you study Quran over the net incorporating the automation of all the processes needed for a full cycle of education for both student (learning process) & teacher (teaching process)
  • A highly-specialized Desktop software (that provides the view of classic Quran Othmani Script, with the two facing pages to assure visual memory capture for student during learning; in addition to all Qur’anic supportive sciences of Tafseer, translation, causes of revelation, etc.).
  • + a Mobile software (to help you study on the run)
  • + web-based registration and Matching system that allow you to set your learning need and would automatically match you with a suitable course provided by a choice of qualified teachers from all around the globe (choose from matched shortlist of those teachers that had joined us through our website and offer their services). This means you can find the most comprehensive global list of Quran teacher profiles in one convenient place so that you can choose who you want to learn from (e.g. preferred teacher language, location, gender, etc.).
  • Unique asynchronous communication feature invented by us would allow study at any time forcing neither teacher nor student to be available around the net at the same time.
  • Yet the solution provided could allow you to learn on your own if you cannot afford the teacher cost.

Absolutely Yes. “Quran University” is the only Quran tool across the Globe that provides parents with 100% safe online environment : with Asynchronous online communication with the Quran teacher: there is no direct chat between child and teacher, yet the teacher would correct the recitation of your child as if he was listening to the child directly.

“Quran University” provides a spectrum of different educational programs that suits all levels and different learning needs: on one end of the spectrum you would find fully structured courses where a groups of students follows a pre-set academic calendar with clear learning objectives and official deadlines that has to be met with an official certificate at the end of each stage… and on the other end of the spectrum: you have free space individualized student based courses.

“Quran University” provides One-to-One interaction with your Quran teacher.

Neither you nor your teacher has to bend their times to meet online. The innovation tool we had invented in “Quran University” both sides: the teacher and the student to interact fully at the time that suits each one of them using the concept of asynchronous communication.

You would still be able to learn at any time of your day, and you do not need to limit yourself to a specific appointment time to get in touch with your teacher… this is an innovative feature that we have invented that makes us unique and that would melt down the time zones differences. So no matter how busy your schedule is: you would always find the time to learn Quran.

Yes definitely you do: our unique features are dependent on using an innovative highly specialized complete Quran Learning Management System. Downloading & installing it is free & simple. The Desktop version is the main and full version, but the mobile version provides most of the functions that would help you learn while moving around and would not limit your learning to the desktop or laptop. You do not need any special hardware to study apart from a mic and internet connectivity, all of which are commonly found in a laptop these days.

The unit of study is based on assignments. Each assignment has a range of Quran to be recited or memorized in that session. A course is built of several sessions with an overall target to be achieved over a period of time.

Let is us take an Example you want to memorize Chapter 30 of the Quran: Search and register for a course called “Chapter 30 Memorization”, select the speed of how much you can memorize per week (Do not worry if you don’t perform well, teacher can adjust that speed for you later on based on your actual performance capabilities) you can also select the language of your teacher and several other parameters that would guarantee the best match for you with the most suitable teacher)

Once your application to the course is accepted by the teacher: your teacher would send you one or more assignments per week (depending on the speed you picked earlier).

Upon receiving the assignment the student would go through self-learn phase using the Innovative software tools we have invented in our desktop & mobile applications. When the student reaches a state of self-satisfaction with his/her performance, student would send a recorded audio to teacher to correct.

Teacher sends you feedback on your assignment and might request resubmission till perfect.

Once perfect or at least accepted, teacher would then send you next assignment, this would repeat till course target is achieved.

Not at all: this is an innovative highly specialized application that would allow you to study at your own pace, at any time, even if you are disconnected from the net. Internet connectivity is only needed for less than a minute for synching assignments.

For Teachers

You need to sign up here . You can create an account by providing a few basic details. Once signed up, you can create a profile and choose the subjects you wish to teach. Remember to add your qualifications in your profile, which will improve your chances of being contacted by students when they search teacher profiles.

Our Solution has a smart matching program that would short list students that best matches your teaching courses, your language, time zone, etc. Student would request to join one of your offered courses, you would receive an email notification, SMS, or a mobile app notification requesting you to check your teacher portal dashboard and either accept or deny the applicant student. Once you officially accept a student: you can either assign that student the official course assignments or you can individualize the assignment for him/her depending on her course style or based on student’s progress. Once the student submit the assignment you would be prompted to check it , correct mistakes and send feedback to student whom in turn should act on fixing mistakes that you had pointed to your correction. Cycle would be repeated till you finally accept the corrected assignment and final mark is given by you.

Definitely yes!! The teacher supervised learning of “Quran University” uses Asynchronous communication to connect the teacher with the student.

Student & teacher are welcome to use any parallel tool of Synchronous communication of their preference such as Skype, or virtual classroom. This would augment our teaching and learning tools, and we have no objection to use it (as long as our terms & conditions are respected).

In our coming update our own tool of Synchronous communication would be fully integrated, and in that case you would not need Skype or any alternative since it would be fully integrated with “Quran University” with single sign on.

When a student applies to your course, a notification is shown on your dashboard. You must be logged in to view this. You can see the request in the “New Student Applicants” section on your dashboard and you can accept or reject the applicants from there. We also send you an SMS or an email when you receive a student application request to one of your courses but since emails can sometimes end up in Junk folders, we encourage you to check your “Quran University” dashboard by logging in regularly.

Your best chance for your courses to be popular is if you create a great profile. Add your relevant employment details, certifications and qualifications and build a glowing profile, which makes you stand out. The system also requests students to rate their teachers based on commitment, value of comments upon correction of assignment mistakes, whether you combine text and audio comments or you use audio comments only….

Tip1: Always provide both written and audio comments on corrections of student’s mistakes.

Tip2: Always check student’s submissions of assignments & do not delay feedback.

Tip3: Always ask your students to rate and review you after your course ends. This helps to build your credibility with future students.

For Students and Parents

You can find teachers & courses by clicking the ‘Find course link ( ) and narrowing down your search results by learning objective, location, language, etc.

Our Solution has a smart matching program that would short list courses that best matches your learning requirements & teacher preferences such as language, time zone, etc.

  • Once you define your learning requirements whether Recitation only or Memorization & Recitation, in addition your self-estimated level and speed of learning (both could be adjusted later on based on your teacher assessment of your performance)
  • You can also define your teacher preferences: language (help in teacher feedback), time zone, (help in Synchronous conferences /chats with teacher).

Then the smart matching program would automatically short list for you the currently offered courses that best match your requirements giving the student one of the following possibilities:

  • If you have multiple courses offered: you have the ability to choose among teachers based on highest rating given by students who had previously attended their courses.
  • If you don’t find an exact match you would either reduce your criteria and go to a course close to your requirements or request a new course with a new teacher.

Once your application to register for a course with a teacher is approved you would receive an email notification, or an SMS, or a mobile app notification, and a confirmation on your online student portal dashboard.

Once you officially accepted as a student: you would start to receive assignments and interact with your teacher.

Yes, we have female teachers from all over the world who teach students. You can filter teacher profiles based on gender by selecting the appropriate check box from the filter.

Not at all. “Quran University” is based on e version of the official Otmani Script of Quran

  • With the exact image of the original Othmani Script of Mushaf Almadina augmented with the coloring of Mushaf AlSham to help in Tajweed rules
  • Not only that, but in the desktop version the student would always see the two facing pages of the Quran. This would strengthen the students’ visual memory of the real pages of the Quran and enhance students’ ability to recite from Physical Quran in the future.
  • Among the unique features of “Quran University” is that it would automatically open the Quran to the page of the assignment and would even mark the start and end of the assignment range with brackets.

Another amazing feature: as your teacher detects your mistakes and correct them those mistakes would be highlighted on the Quran page and would be linked to both written text and auditory voice comments. You would also compare your mistakes on successive submissions of the assignment

Parents can login to their kid’s portal and see report on assignments performed over a period of time

They can also login to desktop application and review past assignments progress: delivery on time or late, marks, amount of mistakes, and teacher correction of mistakes

“Quran University” is the only application world side that keeps record of all mistakes of student across the whole period of study being a week, a month or several years

Yes, once a course ends, you will be asked to give a star rating for the teacher and write a review.

Simply stop payment for a course.

Definitely yes; you might join once course for memorization and another for revision.

  • It would reflect poorly on a teachers’ rating.
  • Our solution is a fully integrated smart system that would detect teacher’s feedback response rate and time automatically and report it to administration.
  • It would also detect student’s commitment and response rate to assignments given.


  • It is currently 100% free if you choose (Self-learning) without a teacher supervision just download the application that you prefer (desktop version) or (mobile version) and start to use it immediately where you can benefit from both memorization tools and recitation tools. If you want to improve your recitation only then simply ignore the memorization tools. The only limitation is inability to receive or upload assignments (& since you have no teacher it would not affect you).
  • On the other hand (Teacher-supervised-Learning) course are with fees.

The Monthly Plans you can purchase from here ( ) , allow you to join a course online, all student interaction with course teacher asynchronously through our “Quran University” tools, that track both student & teacher performance.

If student and teacher decide to interact on Skype: then it is upto them to the teacher to request fees or not. Our plans DO NOT include any private deal fee, which you have to pay the tutor directly.

The rates are dependent on frequency of assignments

The rates are also dependent on geographical locations (poor countries are subject to lower rates)

If you are using our system we will take care of that, you do not need to worry about it unless you have made a private deal for extra skype lessons.