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Ten Features Makes Quran University Unique

3- We don’t use 3rd Party Software

Most Quran Teaching websites are merely matching sites that brings students & Quran teachers together. Then would allow them usually to use 3rd party software such as Skype for communications.
Quran University is significantly different in that regard. In the sense that it has its own unique video-conferencing tools that would be accessed from within Quran University LMS & Mobile Apps, eliminating the need for 3rd party software.

Quran University does not use 3rd party video-conferencing tools for the following reasons:

Drawbacks of using 3rd Part Software not primarily designed for Teaching Quran
  • Twisting Technology
  • Skype is primarily a video-conferencing tool, PalTalk is primarily an online chatting program, both are used for teaching Quran, by applying some twists here & there.
  • Cost
  • Although some of these 3rd party programs are free, yet most professional ones charge on the basis of expected number of users, & reserve chatting rooms regardless of being used or not.
  • Language Limitation
  • A lot of these 3rd party programs are limited to few languages that sometimes are not relative to areas of the Muslim world.
  • Non-Islamic Environment
  • User of these 3rd party programs might occasionally be exposed to advertisements that are not suitable for Quran teaching environment.
For all of the above reasons we have built our own unique Quran Learning Management System to match with the special requirements for learning Quran.
  • We designed our applications especially for Quran
  • GUI is designed for best fit for the function of teaching Quran.
  • Reasonable Cost
  • By having our own tools, we manage to significantly reduce the cost.
  • Language
  • Most We are continuously translating Quran University Apps to different languages most suitable for Muslims around the globe.
  • Islamic Environment
  • By building our own apps, we are sure to eliminate any materials that might be unsuitable for Quran Learning environment.