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Ten Features Makes Quran University Unique

1- Utilizing Asynchronous communication to overcome time barrier

Asynchronous Communication Tool

Time difference between you & your teacher wouldn’t be a barrier preventing you from learning anymore. Thanks to our new invention, our (Asynchronous Communication Tool) would allow you to communicate with your teacher regardless of how far your time zones are.

Tool Objective; facilitates student-teacher communication despite of time-zone differences
  • Through such tool, teacher would be able to send homework/assignments to his students & track their performance, providing each student a deadline to deliver the assignment within.
  • After a student receives assignment, he/she interacts with the assignment related verses utilizing the study tools, then record his/her recitation of the assignment verses, & upload it so that it would be corrected by the teacher.
  • As teacher receives the student’s recording, he/she would mark the location of student’s mistake on the Quran page, then at both text and recorded audio comments. Then teacher would send the report back to the student.
  • As student receives teacher’s remarks, he/she would now act accordingly attempting to fix previous mistakes, then resend the fixed new assignment recording.
  • Such process would be repeated till the students performance is considered satisfactory by the teacher, where they would proceed to the following assignment.
With Asynchronous communication, day and night differences and longitude differences between student and teacher will not be a barrier to communication between them
Synchronous Communication Tool
Most Quran Teaching websites if not all, are using synchronous communication tools for video-conferencing teacher with student.

Voice chat rooms Program

Virtual video conference Programs

Virtual Class Program
Pre-conditions required to be fulfilled to carry on satisfactory virtual video-conference.
1. Scheduling an appointment for the video conference to take place
2. Both teacher & student has to respect such appointment, and attend the meeting on time.
3. A fair internet connection has to be available throughout the period of the online meeting.
Limitations of Synchronous Communication (online Video-Conference)
  • Personal circumstances :
  • Personal circumstances could contradict with the appointment.
  • Absence :
  • Absence of one party would waste the time of the other.
  • Distant apart Time-zones :
  • The day-night difference between both parties could make a suitable scheduling for one less comfortable for the other.
  • Dependence on internet speed & quality :
  • Poor internet connectivity at one party’s side could waste the time of both due to the need for waiting and repetition.

Wasting valuable Teacher’s Time
The need for the teacher to repeat the same lesson every time a new student needs it, would consumes most of teacher’s time.