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Qurani Mobile Apps

We strongly depend on technology to make education easier & more fun: for which, we have built our own Quran Learning Management System in mobile versions (Android & iOS). This Quran LMS is uniquely designed to provide the best environment that empower both students and teachers to interact over the web to best learn/teach Quran.
Our Quran LMS does not need Skype or other similar third-party videoconferencing tools. We have our own video conferencing tools, so there will be no other hidden costs.
Our Quran LMS offers several innovative tools that would improve student’s recitation quality, teach Tajweed, & empower memorization capability to help students remember memorized verses.
Quran LMS provides 2 methods for communication between student & teachers;
The 1st is “Synchronous Communication”: which is a video conferencing tool for live one-to-one private virtual lesson.
The 2nd is “Asynchronous Communication”: which is in fact our innovation through which we allow both student & teacher to communicate regardless of time or place.
Among Quran LMS unique features is being the only Quran software world-wide that would mark the location of student’s mistake on the Quran page, & would allow the students to listen to teacher’s audio correction & read teacher’s textual comments.

How do I install Mobile Quran Apps ?

Mobile Application
Follow the link to Huawei/Google store or iPhone Store
Follow the usual installation instructions