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Ten Features Makes Quran University Unique

8 - Unique & innovative tools to teach Quran

Tajweed Tools

  • Record & Compare Tool
  • Linking Colors to Tajweed Tool

Record & Compare Tool

Objectives of these tool; is learning Tajweed by simulation

This tool would give the student the chance to analyze his/her ability to imitate a perfect recitation by comparing his/her recording to that of a famous reciter. Such comparison would gradually allow the student to improve his/her recitation by simulating that of the perfect Reciter.

Linking Colors to Tajweed Tool

Objectives of these tool; is reminding students with Tajweed rules

Quran LMS & it’s Mobile version uses colored Musahaf Al-Tajweed, which uses a different color for different Tajweed rules, in order to remind the student with Tajweed rules. We have also linked these colors to Tajweed lessons & to Teacher’s corrections of Tajweed mistakes.

Whether in computer version (Quran University) Or in Mobile version (Qurani App) We adopted the Othmani Script Which used in edition of the Holy Qur'an for Almadina from King Fahd Press, Using colors Colored Tajweed Quran Colors Alert the reader to the whereabouts of the rule of Quran And help him remember the Rule Madd Rules Tafkheem Rules & Qalqalah