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How to Study/How it Works?

Searching for suitable Teacher/Course

How to Find & Join a Teacher-Supervised Course?

You need Online connectivity to search for a suitable Teacher/Course.

Searching for suitable Teacher/Course

If the student wish to study Quran under Teacher’s supervision, then he/she need to perform the following steps.

  • Register on our website & complete his/her personal profile
  • Search for a teacher providing a suitable course matching the requirements & capabilities of the student (targeting Tilawa, Memorization or Revision).
  • Our online matching system would match students’ requirements to the available courses with nearest attributes.
  • Student would choose the course that he/she prefer, & file an application to join it, then wait till acceptance is confirmed.
  • If the course provided is not free, then the student is required to pay the fee online.

After joining a course/teacher officially, the student would be receiving assignments from the teacher, triggering a cycle of interaction where he/she respond to teacher’s comments in fixing mistakes.