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Learn Quran Online and offline with Quranlms. Our innovative and unique Quran Learning Management System allows both offline Quran Study and teacher supervised online Quran classes. Our unique Quran Desktop Application and Quran Mobile app utilizes several innovative tools that we have invented and enhanced over the last 11 years to maximize the visual and auditory memory, allowing Quran memorization (Hifz) to become extremely easy & enjoyable, and would help students to seamlessly Learn Quran Online with proper Recitation (Tajweed & and Tarteel) supported by full Quranic library to help understand Quran. Quranlms is equipped with advanced Synchronous and Asynchronous Communication tools that allows teachers to track students’ progress. Our qualified Quran Teachers are empowered with our build in Video/audio conference and virtual classroom tools to help students in Learning Quran Online. For the effective learning of Quran, students need to join the offered courses. To know more details, click here to Explore & join course.

What is Quran University?
Whether you dream of memorizing the whole Quran (Hifz), or part of it, memorizing
or you simply want to only learn how to recite Quran properly (Tilawwah & Tajweed), reciting
“Quran University” would help you study the Holy Quran at your own home, at your own pace. studyathome
The most Modern & Innovative
way to Study Quran
Quran University is a complete solution that helps you study Quran over the net internet
either alone: where you use our tools to guide you to learn on your own
“Self-Study” selfstudy
or under the guidance and supervision of a qualified Quran Teacher
“Teacher-Supervised” teachersupervised
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Study Tools / How it works ?

This software after being installed on the student’s PC would import the weekly home-works assigned by the teacher & notify the student. After which it helps the student memorize the verses of Quran included in the assignment.

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What makes us different / What’s Unique?

1- Highly Accessible & Flexible 

The only Quran Application that allows you to study anytime 24/7, Anywhere, even offline, free self study, or paid teacher supervised, recitation only or memorization as well

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2- Asynchronous Communication

we have invented the first and (currently the only tool) that utilize Asynchronous communication over the net to teach Quran.

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3- Best Design for function 

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4- Application of Modern Techniques of Education

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Curricula & Registration Steps

Each Student would register online on our site, then he/she has to apply to a course that matches his/her interest & capability.

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Study Procedure

The only Quran Application that utilize the concept of Asynchronous Communication allowing interaction with teacher 24/7, in addition it allows classical One-to-one teacher student Online Meeting, & One Teacher-to-Many students Online Virtual Classroom

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Study Tools / How It Works ?
A Desktop Software

helps you Recite & Memorize; using our innovative tools. & in parallel it helps you Understand by providing real-time access to Qur’anic library.


Online Registration & Matching system would automatically match you to a suitable course & a qualified teacher based on your learning needs & capabilities.

What makes us different / What’s Unique?
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  • You can study at anytime that suits you.

  • You can study Anywhere : wherever you are around the Globe.

  • You can study offline, however internet is required only to upload and download assignments.

  • you can choose Recitation only

  • or Memorization & Recitation together.

  • or Revision



  • You can chose self-study


  • or teacher based study

Flexible payment
  • Or you can pay minimal (Asynchronous)

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  • Or you can pay More
    (+ Synchronous)

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What makes us different / What’s Unique?
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If you are finding Difficulty Scheduling a time that suits you and your teacher using Skype or other virtual classrooms tools

With our Quran LMS -Time Zone Difference would not stop you any more from interacting with your teacher

The only Quran LMS

That allows Teacher & Student to Communicate at any time


The only Quran LMS
that Melt down
Obstacles of time zone differences


It solves the major drawback of –
Synchronous communicating tools using

online calls and virtual classrooms

Registration Steps & Courses offered
Registration Steps
Download & Install Application
Sign in- online to be matched to a suitable Course
Sign in- online to be matched to a suitable Course
signinonlinetobematch Watch Video
Teacher would accept you & Assign you Homework
Assignments appears in your application
You Study your Assignments Record your Audio & Send to Teacher for correction
Teacher correct & Send you feedback
Teacher correct & Send you feedback

Assignment correction feedback


A new innovation keeps a registered record of all student’ mistakes and their corrections
allowing evidence based tracking of progress Watch Video

Optional Steps
The following steps
are optional
Teacher with
one student
Teacher with
many students
Courses Offered
  • Quran Recitation (Reading + Recitation Rules (Tajweed)
  • Quran Memorization (Includes Recitation & Tajweed)
  • Quran Revision (Includes Recitation & Tajweed)
  • Quran Translation Lessons ( in preparation )
  • Arabic Lessons ( in preparation )
  • Islamic Studies Lessons ( in preparation )
How to find a suitable course
Latest Courses (Halqas)
Top Rated Teachers